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What is coaching?
Coaching is a collaborative process of encouraging and supporting a coachee so that s/he moves towards the desired goals in a fulfilling manner and achieves meaningful results in both personal and professional spheres of life.

It is a process of self-leadership that enables people to gain clarity by addressing deeper questions like who they are, what they are doing, why they are doing it, where they want to go and what brings real fulfillment in life.

Coaching is a vehicle for assisting people to achieve a higher level of physical, emotional and mental well-being. Through the process of coaching, clients move out of their comfort zones, deepen their learning, improve their performance, overcome specific challenges, take higher level of ownership and responsibility, commit to taking effective action consistently and enhance their quality of life.

With Coaching, clients improve in all areas of their lives - personal growth, relationships, career, finances, confidence and self-esteem, health and fitness, mental balance, goal-setting and accomplishment, problem-solving, time and energy management, sports abilities, releasing oneself from self-imposed restrictions and other such areas.
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