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Upgrade your mindset, skillset & tOOLSET
An upgrade of mindsets, skillsets and toolsets is a key factor in this ever-evolving market place to go beyond effectiveness and start working towards greatness. One cannot thrive in this competitive era without a change in the thinking, competencies, approaches and tools used hitherto. Leaders who are willing to upgrade their mindset, skillset and toolset are much better prepared to solve complex business challenges, unleash the talent of their team, and get the desired results to shape a brighter future for their organization.

We, at Thoughtful Engagement, are passionately committed to bring about a fundamental shift in people’s mindset to enable them to unleash their full potential, maximize their performance and increase their productivity in all aspects of business and life. Our focus is on facilitating the learning and development of individuals and organizations by offering high quality and high impact solutions.

One of the crucial factors in building any competencies or forming an empowering habit is that you need to build the right mindset before you can begin building a skill set, and you need a certain skill set before you work on your toolset. If you can figure out how to have an open, flexible, growth oriented mindset in place, you are more likely to get a competitive edge by building upon the right competencies and making careful choices about adopting the cutting edge tools in the required area.

Let’s go a little deeper to understand these terms more clearly!

Mindset (How you See, Perceive, View) – Means a set of beliefs, a way of thinking, a habitual mental attitude that determines somebody's behaviour and outlook and how s/he will interpret and respond to situations. Without a change in mindset, the world cannot be viewed differently.

Skill Set (How you Do, Act, Behave) – Means a number of things like a person’s capabilities and abilities, knowledge and understanding, and motivation and ability to use these capabilities and knowledge. The level of expertise in a particular task determines the efficiency and effectiveness to perform that task.

Toolset (How you Get, Have, Use) – Means a set of widely accepted methods, techniques, models, approaches and frameworks that can create value in the chosen field.

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