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“Very few see the greater purpose of being the cause of Human Revolution and Preeti’s trainings and workshops truly reflect them. I have had the opportunity to develop awareness and create a compass of the journey of my life through her supportive training and each day seems to be an opportunity to work towards being and creating a better self. Thank you for being the cause and am sure your work will continue to make difference to many souls across the globe.”
– Mahesh V G, Technical Manager, Mahindra Comviva
“To attend Preeti’s training on Mind Power and Emotional Mastery was an amazing experience indeed. Both the sessions exceeded my expectations. I had learnings that I could easily apply in my daily life. I will look forward to every session by Preeti and would also like my kids to attend it.”
-Namita Jain, Interior Designer
"Preeti Subberwal’s extensive experience in life skills and leadership trainings is evident in her delivery style. I think she is really very bright and talented in this domain. Her innate soft skills and self-confidence make her understand each and every participant thoroughly during the sessions which makes her connect with each participant and impart more effective trainings. Words just cannot explain her in-depth skills and qualities”
-Rashmi Khetan, Program Manager, Mahindra Comviva
“I love the way Preeti connects with the participants and bring out the transformation in them. She skillfully helps the participants in discovering their true self and unleashing their potential She is truly an inspiration as a trainer and a coach.”
-Sangeeta Manchanda, Faculty at Modern School Delhi
“Preeti has extensive knowledge in many behavioural sciences, the way she understands human thinking and behaviour is amazing. She openly shares her knowledge and wisdom with the participants. She speaks from her heart and makes an instant connection with the participants.”
-Vineet Nagpal, CAD professional
“ I was not aware of such a wonderful training were getting conducted in our company, I was thankful to get opportunity to attend the trainings conducted by Preeti on NLP, High Impact Presentations, Unleash the Leader Within ...... These trainings have benefited me as professional as well as personally”
-Balmukund, Senior Group Manager, Mahindra Comviva
“I was really impressed by the Preeti’s way of delivering, and the way she involved the participants. Her energy, enthusiasm and her profound wisdom is extremely inspiring. She goes out of the way to create a life-changing experience for her participants”.
-Dr. Manju Saluja, Gynaecologist
“Thanks for such a nice session. Have learnt a lot and looking forward to join more such sessions. Humble request to you kindly to keep me in loop in case you take any such sessions. Thanks for being there as a teacher, path finder and guide to my inner self. God bless!”
-Ankit Gupta, Manager Mahindra Comviva
Big thanks to Preeti for giving me a life changing experience through her session on parenting. I feel so blessed that I got an opportunity to attend it. I would have repeated the same mistakes again and again if I had not gained those insights.”
-Monika Sharma, Home-maker
“Thanks for organizing such wonderful sessions on Leadership & enhancing Presentation Skills. It was really a nice learning experience for both the sessions and I am sure it will benefit all individuals to use them in day-to-day life.”
-Ankur Agarwal, Program Manager, Mahindra Comviva
"I am really feeling empowered after attending your program at CSIR-HRDC. Your program was such an eye opener for me, I have so much clarity now on how I can deal with my self- created barriers. After going through your training, I have a logical formula to assess my situations and take the remedial actions accordingly. I have now a well-planned course of actions to improve my skill set, motivation level and achieve higher goals in life. Thank you for such a wonderful training."
- Manas Nayak, Assistant (S&P) Gr 1, CSIR:HRDC
-Feedback from Participants at Infozech, Workshop -'Transforming Communication'
"The level of knowledge of Preeti in this area is commendable. I learnt so many new things, these are usually ignored due to lack of awareness. I appreciate the program & wish the very best to Preeti."
"The program was extremely enriching. Gathered a lot of useful stuff and learned new communication tactics. Faculty was extremely good and knowledgeable. Communication skill was stated in a beautiful manner."
"Close to real life make this training more meaningful for everyone. Would appreciate if time to time such trainings to be held in organization. Thanks for imparting such a good session."
"Felt worthwhile utilizing an off day into this training program. It was more because of the way it delivered and the course structure. "
"Nice training to understand the various aspects of other party to have a valuable communication."
"Program gave lot of insights which we ignore in real life. If we follow the basics, we can achieve lot of self-satisfaction."
"Valuable training.. should be given to other team members also."
"Program was really very effective. It will help me to improve my communication."
"Very good session, worth attending."
"NLP Communication model is new and interesting. I would like to explore it more."
-Feedback from Participants at CSIR: HRDC - 'Self-Effectiveness at Workplace'
"This program was really a good experience and will help me to improve interpersonal skills and communication skills."
"This workshop was extremely good with many take aways."
"Thank you so much for your sincere efforts, had many learnings."
"Perfect way of induction."
"Program raised my awareness level, learnt how to respond and not react to situations."
"It inspired me in lot of ways, many points on enhancing effectiveness."
"Realized the importance of interpersonal skills and positive attitude."
"Concept of self-awareness was learnt, it will help me to do my SWOT Analysis."
"Very good in terms of content and practical experience, learnt prioritization."
"Keep it up, got clarity on a no: of things."
"Learnt the importance of appreciation and creating win-win relationships."
"Learnt self-evaluation and effective communication skills"
"Learnings related to controlling of mind and achievement of goals by influencing state were learnt."
"Very interactive program with lots of take away."
"Many skills required at work place were learnt."
"Self-effectiveness at workplace as well as in personal life was taught."
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