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The following Off-the-shelf' workshops are offered with or without customization.
The Sales Edge – The Unfair Advantage
This program will enable the sales staff to take their selling skills to the next level by learning the approaches for engaging with their customers at a deeper level. The course will help the salespersons to improve relationships with their clients by truly understanding their clients’ needs, whilst adopting the mindset and attitude of outstanding sales people.
NLP sales techniques and tools will empower the sales staff to influence their prospective buyer’s thoughts, and behaviour in an overt as well as covert way, thus giving them the unfair advantage.
Unleash the Leader within – Lead yourself and others with impact
True Leaders are people who are committed to "creating a world to which people want to belong". This commitment demands many abilities such as developing high potential people, communication, managing relationships in order to effectively and ecologically manifest their visions.
This program will enable the participants to gain new insights, skills and knowledge with the ’hows’ of effective leadership. It will empower them to improve their persuasion power so that they are involved in what really matters to them, and have companions on their journey. It will help them to become outstanding leaders by unleashing the leadership potential that is already within them as well as to help them develop leaders around them. It will strengthen their ability to lead sensitively, skilfully and responsibly with or without formal authority.
Become a Super Manager – Build teams that make a difference
New as well as experienced managers both need a set of tools that will help them meet today’s management challenges. This program helps managers in attaining a solid foundation of essential managerial competencies. They are taught techniques to manage themselves and their team successfully for optimum results.
It will empower the participants with skills like self- management, people management, process management, performance management, time and results management etc. Mastering these skills will enable them to acquire the edge they need to get ahead and stay ahead in their profession.
Communication to Influence – Communicate with clarity and power
Excellent communication need not be the privilege of the few. This workshop will make the participants gain access to a new world of communication where actions like listening and speaking that we would normally think of as ordinary and common, take on new dimensions and provide unanticipated power.
It will empower them to communicate in ways that help them to shape their relationships, families, jobs, and community in positive ways. They will learn powerful techniques and models that can facilitate precision and clarity in communication and help them develop the flair to interact well with others.
High Impact Presentations – Captivate your audience
Your ability to present magnificently can bring you to the attention of people who can help you and open doors for you. This workshop will help participants to enhance their presentation skills to make the most out of every presentation opportunity.
This practical and engaging workshop will enable the participants to learn the science of conveying ideas, concepts and feelings helping them to captivate their audience. They will learn the techniques to manage their state and to elicit various states in the audience thus influencing the way audience would respond. It will empower the participants with the winning formula of a powerful presenter. 
Time and Results Management – Create the results you really want
We can only get control of our time and our life by changing the way we think, work and deal with the never ending river of responsibilities that flows over us each day. The difference between movement and achievement has to be understood clearly.
This program will teach the participants how they can focus firstly on what they really want – the results that they are committed to achieving in their personal and professional lives before they figure out what they need to do. It empowers them to design all their activities around making progress towards achieving what they want and producing extraordinary results.
Persuasion Magic – Get people on your side
Anyone who claims influence to not be a part of their lives either hasn’t given it much thought or hasn’t ever interacted with another human. And outstanding leaders are masters at the skill of influence. To influence other people, we must know what already influences them.
This program is designed to give the participants a deeper understanding of the strategies and talents of an effective persuader/influencer and the characteristics of influencing without authority. It will empower the participants with the tools and techniques to more effectively influence people so that their ideas are embraced, their recommendations are accepted and their initiatives are supported.
Become a Corporate Athlete– Sustain Peak performance
We can’t control the clock, but we can control the energy and enthusiasm with which we manage the precious resource – time. Managing energy skilfully is the key to enduring high performance as well as to health, happiness and life balance. Without the right quantity and quality, focus and force of energy,
we are compromised in any activity we undertake. This program will present strategies for energetic integration of work,self, and success that is logical, methodical, and holistic. This knowledge will make the participants more effective in the way they operate on and off the job.
Customer Delight – Pleasing the Gods
The most important relationship your company has is the one between your customers and the employees and anything that you do to strengthen that relationship will ultimately benefit your organization in various ways. This workshop teaches you a set of simple but extremely powerful techniques that will dramatically change the way customers respond to you.
It will empower you to become supremely confident to make nearly any customer situation go extremely well. It will help the participants to start seeing customer service in a completely new light. They will learn to create a positive image, communicate effectively, and build customer rapport effectively. It will help you to start seeing customer service in a completely new light and change the way you deal with customers.
Smart Interviewing– Hiring the Top Talent 
It can be expensive to recruit new members of your team; and even more expensive if wrong people are recruited! This program helps the participants develop the proven skills to interview and find the best candidate every time. They will know how to interview skilfully, detect rehearsed responses, and use strategies that will lead to hiring the most suitable person for the position.
It will help them to ensure that they hire capable people to take their organization’s image and efficiency further forward. It is a compilation of approaches presented in a way designed to be both easy to understand and to put into action.
Stress Management – Work-Life Balance
This practical and innovative program presents a totally fresh approach to managing stress and teaches the participants the ‘how’ of dealing with stress. It will give them the insights to recognize the signs and symptoms of stress. Quick and highly effective techniques taught through this course will help them in coping better with stress.
Such techniques can help them to relax and rebalance the body and mind. Once learned, they can be applied in any type of work environment, even while travelling to the workplace. They don’t need to suffer the effects of stress anymore by acquiring the ability to ‘cool it’ instead of blowing their top!
Peak Performance Mindset – Get an edge over others
Achieving Peak Performance is the most crucial need for any business as well as non-business organization. This power-packed program will teach the participants proven tools and techniques to help them unleash the power of their minds to accomplish peak performance.
These learnable ’qualities of success’ will empower them to tap into theimr incredible potential. It will empower the participants to stay focused and determined in high-pressure situations, and maintain composure during adversity.  It will help them to accomplish their dreams, exceed their expectations and change their outlook. We help individuals identify mental blocks and hindrances and help them to master states that drive peak performance.
User Manual for Brain – Program your mind for success and happiness
Each one of us is the owner and operator of the most amazing and complicated computing device ever invented – our brain. Yet our brain did not come with a user manual. So, it’s not surprising that people have occasional difficulties in running their own brains. This workshop will be an opportunity to build a foundation on the workings of the mind.
It will enable the participants to reprogram their brains to change their behaviour, thinking and experiences, thus empowering them to create more choices in life. It is like having an upgrade of the ’mental software’ to achieve specific and desired results by learning how to master the mind with ease and greater satisfaction.
Emotional Mastery – Know the buttons to your feelings
The emotions we feel at any moment are a support system or a call to action. We need to acknowledge and appreciate our emotions, believing that they serve us. This program gives you the tools and techniques to manage emotions effectively. It doesn't limit itself to the surface of the behaviours.
It targets the underlying obstacles, challenges and problems that keep the participant trapped, and prevent him/her from enjoying a happier and more fulfilling life. Learning to master our emotions can help us create more fulfilling relationships, succeed at work and achieve our goals. It can also allow us to fully express and experience ourselves.
Train the Trainer
This practical program will teach what master trainers do to create a positive climate for learning, lead groups effectively, deal with difficult participants, inject enthusiasm, and much more. This will help the trainers to transform their training skills separating the extraordinary from the mediocre. It will help them to gain the confidence to create dynamic and stimulating training sessions for their learners.
It will ensure that your trainers are exposed to cutting-edge brain research, NLP, learning styles, left/right brain strategies, physiology and emotions in learning, adult learning theories and other techniques. The participants will be empowered to move from being a trainer who merely delivers programs to one who enable his/her participants to achieve the desired outcomes.
Social Media at the Workplace
The three most crucial tools for social media success are mindful (audience centric) content, passionate engagement and whole-hearted collaboration. It also requires shift of mindset, from a competitive to collaborative mindset, from a ‘I, me, mine’ to ‘You, we, us’ and requires new skills for content creation.

The program enables learners to understand these new mindsets for social media success to support and guide social media executives to make optimum use of social media for not only building relationships with stakeholders but also their company brand.
Storytelling at the Workplace
Corporates have used storytelling successfully for many decades primarily for advertising through video. Availability of social media has made the storytelling even more powerful with its easy availability and low costs. Even the new formats are available for storytelling which includes blogs, podcasts, cartoons, pictures, presentations, documents (ebooks) and so on. The participants will understand the fundamentals of storytelling on social media.
The stories are universal and can be used by all functions and departments for example stories of employees can be used to attract talent, stories of existing customers to attract new customers, stories of successes and vision to attract investors and so on.
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