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levels of coaching
We provide coaching at three levels depending on the individual’s needs and objectives
  • Performance Coaching
    Performance coaching is focused less on learning and development or the acquisition of skills and more on raising the client’s level of performance – the outputs and outcomes in their current role or in a specific area. It helps the client to modify his/her erratic behaviour which hinders the performance. 

  • Developmental Coaching
    Development coaching is centred more on the coachee’s long term development instead of the current role by building various types of skills, capabilities and new behaviours by working directly at the level of beliefs, values and identity.

  • Transformational Coaching
    Transformational Coaching is focussed on facilitating a paradigm shift at the level of identity and spirituality. It aims at bringing about an awakening in the clients to their life's purpose. It helps them restructure their sense of self and then build up a propulsion system towards achieving their desired outcomes; and experience deep fulfilment in the process. It guides a person to gain profound insights to create a more enriched and awakened way of life.
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