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Dear Friends,
Whether it is your personal life or your business life, the fitter you are physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, the better equipped you will be to face the unprecedented demands and challenges that life throws on you every day. Maximizing performance and increasing productivity in all aspects of business and life is a goal that crosses age, gender and occupational or vocational boundaries.

And one thing many people don’t realize is that how they show up in business is directly proportional to how they show up in life. Our beliefs, perceptions, assumptions, and attitude about life directly impact our career and the way we do business.

A key mandate for business in the 21st century is sustained high performance in the face of ever-increasing pressures and massive relentless change. The limitation with most approaches to achieve peak performance is that they deal with people only from neck up, relating high performance primarily with cognitive capabilities. Extensive research has confirmed that sustaining high performance and achievement requires all dimensions – mental, emotional, spiritual and physical – working together synergistically, instead of just letting the intellectual abilities do all the magic. 

We, at Thoughtful Engagement, can give you the specific desired results you seek with our cost-effective, powerful and practical programs. We do so by using a common sense approach that integrates experience, study and science with a laser beam focus and commitment bringing out dramatic performance improvements at work and at home.

With our holistic leadership development approach, we focus firstly on developing the core competencies and the higher levels that facilitate peak performance under pressure – having clarity of purpose and profound values, clear sense of identity, ability to discover one’s deepest passions, raising self-awareness, having an open, flexible growth oriented mindset, having a positive attitude and empowering beliefs, ability to have a laser beam focus, strategies and rituals to build resilience, relentless self-control, and the ability to manage one’s most resourceful state.

When skill building is backed up by a robust foundation of these fundamental competencies, additional competencies such as leadership and managerial skills, communication skills, presentation skills etc. can be built quickly and easily over them. And viewing performance from this vantage point differentiates our services that are aimed at quick and sustainable change and transformation in individuals and organizations.
Live with passion and purpose!
Preeti Subberwal
Founding Director Thoughtful Engagement
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