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Leadership Coaching, Executive Coaching and Career Coaching are all parts of Corporate Coaching.
In order to thrive and deliver strategic value in this ever-evolving competitive place, having a coach is no longer a luxury, but has become a necessity. Coaching is now recognized as the critical platform for successful organizational change and learning and development initiatives. It supports the organizations in establishing and maintaining performance oriented culture, impacts the bottom line results, and encourages work- life balance by the personal development of employees. 

We help the organizations accelerate their leadership development with our coaching services to ensure an on-going pipeline of great leaders. We help executives become aware of their strengths and weaknesses, and to make the most of the former and minimize the effects of the latter. We guide them to locate possible areas for their development, help them to learn from their mistakes, motivate them to move forward in their role, and to take responsibility for their goals and actions. 

Our corporate coaching solutions, concentrating on the individual executive within the organization, work on issues of leadership, management, vision and mission, grooming for senior management and CEO roles. We include developmental coaching, performance coaching and coaching for skill enhancement in areas such as presentation and negotiation skills, or career advancement as per the specific needs of the organization.
You´ll be amazed at how renewed enthusiasm and commitment comes from your team as they experience our coaching services.

Career Coaching 
Career coaching focuses on the individual’s goals, motivation, meaning-making and career performance. Our career coaches connect individuals with their passion, purpose, values and other critical aspects of their ideal work so that they can continue to grow personally and professionally through their work. 

When people are connected with a deeper sense of motivation than “just doing a job”, they feel empowered to choose the work they love. We help them remove blocks to career progress, such as developmental lacunae, lack of clarity and limiting beliefs and thus enable them to unlock their potential for career growth. 

We assist our clients in becoming “career self-reliant,” taking control and ownership of their career development. We aid them in testing out various career choices in terms of impact and implications, and empower them to manage their own careers, whether they work for themselves or for an organization.

Create Business Breakthroughs with our Corporate Coaching Solutions

We work at harnessing the potential of individuals and teams by assisting them in drastically improving their ability to deliver with significant improvement in areas such as:

  • Change Management – Facilitating the exploration of needs, motivations, desires, skills and attitudes to assist the individual in making real, lasting changes.

  • Performance and Productivity Enhancement – Facilitating performance coaching for individuals and teams who are not achieving anticipated results.

  • Staff Retention Improvement – Enhancing morale, motivation and productivity, minimizes stress and reduces staff turnover.

  • On-boarding – Improving the on-boarding experience of new recruits.

  • Skills Development – Increasing the effectiveness of teams and individuals in your organization through coaching focussed on improving communication and interpersonal skills, decision-making skills, leadership skills, general management, time management, people management, creativity, problem-solving, and customer satisfaction. 

  • Transition Management – Coaching for newly promoted or appointed senior leaders and managers accelerates the rate at which an individual becomes productive in a new job or assignment.

  • Relationships Enhancement – Providing encouragement and support in building more productive and healthier relationships, internally and externally.

  • Support of High Performers – Comprehensive, individualised support to those manifesting high potential so that they can consistently thrive in their roles.

  • Difficult Behaviour Management – Helping ‘difficult’ individuals to achieve their full potential by raising their awareness of choices.

  • Emotional Intelligence – Helping them to learn how to identify, assess and control the emotions of oneself and others.

  • Conflict Resolution – Helping them limiting the negative aspects of conflict while increasing the positive aspects of conflict.

  • Being a sounding board – By providing high quality, honest and objective feedback to help them identify their areas of improvement.
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