How We Stand Out
5 Smart reasons to choose us
  • Synthesizing Cutting Edge Knowledge
    • Knowledge of Best practices from the 21st century's leading corporations.
    • Take the best of many philosophies and models, from a wide range of methods and approaches including NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming),Neuro-Semantics, Hypnotherapy, Positive Psychology, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique, Brain-based Learning, Life Coaching and Spirituality

  • Highly Customized Interventions
    • Our interventions are not based on one-size-fits all approach. To ensure the required organizational impact, we provide specially tailored, highly contextual programs for our client organizations designed to not only fit their budget, but also align to their
      • Vision and mission
      • Strategic priorities
      • Specific performance goals
      • Working climate
      • Intended business outcomes 

    • Flexibility in delivery – Our flexible delivery and the use of accelerated learning techniques ensure that your business gets the training it needs in the time, place and schedule that works for your employees. We can condense training to meet the tight schedules of your workforce. We use multiple modes of instruction to accommodate various learning styles and preferences.

  • Designed for Infotainment – Education with Entertainment
    • We skilfully make the traditional classroom an exciting, energizing and enriching place to enjoy learning and growing along with absolute commitment to the results.
    • To make the workshops highly interactive and uplifting, the participants are engaged through discussions, role-plays, case studies and integration exercises thus making a healthy learning environment.
    • We harness the power of varied instructional design including activities, application exercises, simulations, games, video-based exercises, picture-based learning and skill practices. 

  • Reinforcement to Internalize
          To ensure sustainable change, we take initiatives so that the learning is internalized and practiced           consistently.
    • Follow-up assessment – Within a fixed period of the initial workshop, a follow-up 360° profile session will be organized to assess how the
    • attendee has changed for the better, in the eyes of himself and his peers and managers.
    • Training is followed by coaching to ensure that new learning is implemented and the clients get a return on their investment in the training program.
    • Revision of key concepts is facilitated using half-day sessions.
    • Concepts are made readily available to ensure constant reminder of concepts.

  • Measuring Effectiveness and Ensuring ROI
    • On-going measurement and evaluation of the effectiveness of our programs ensures that our solutions have a measurable impact on your
    • leadership development and talent management as well as the bottom line results.
    • ROI Calculation – Return On Investment can be calculated using a standard worksheet for determining a ’value’ for your performance improvements with regard to the costs incurred for the training.
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