coprorate programs
Skill building programs are designed to focus on developing a specific skill or competency.
Effectiveness to Greatness Communication
Accelerating Leadership
Managerial Excellence Interpersonal Effectiveness Sales & Marketing
Self-Motivation Communication Basics Persuasion & Influence General Management Skills Building Rapport SPIN Selling
Self-Leadership Advanced Communication Negotiation Skills Team Building Building Winning Relationships Sales Fundamentals
Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem Presentation Skills Championing Change
Meeting Management Emotional Intelligence The Seven Musts of Marketing
Assertiveness Listening Skills Decision Making Skills Delegation Skills Perception Management Sales Mastery with Emotional Intelligence
Energy Management Mastering Body Language Developing High Potential People Performance Management
Conflict Resolution Powerful Presentations
Peak Performance Mindset Conversational Skills Coaching Skills Appraisal Management Mastering Feedback: Getting and Receiving Media and Public Relations
Creativity and Innovation Public Speaking Mentoring Skills Time Management Empathy and Sympathy Skills Understanding Buying Behaviour
Difficult Behaviour Management / Transforming Habits Questioning Skills Cross-Cultural Sensitization Implementation and Execution Skills Brainstorming Skills
Preparation Skills
Emotional Mastery Vocal Skills and Elocution Creative Problem-Solving Crisis Management Collaboration Skills Telephone Power
Stress Management Telephone Handling Skills Modelling Excellence Succession and Transition Planning Customer Delight Maximizing your Impact
Work-Life Balance Interviewing Skills Goals Setting and Achieving Knowledge Management
Handling Difficult People Overcoming Objections
Business Etiquettes and Ethics Business Writing
(E-mails, Proposals)
Holistic Leadership Manager Management Managing Specific Personalities Selling to Subconscious mind
Accelerating Learning Conversational Hypnosis Become a Brilliant Strategist Managing Workplace Anxiety Learn to say ‘No’ without saying ‘No’ Follow-ups and Client Bonding
Discovering One’s True Self Storytelling and Metaphors Storytelling as a Motivational Tool Project Management Building Relationships Online Get the Best Buyers
Also, for meeting the needs of Human resources, programs like Employee Motivation, On-boarding and Recruitment can also be conducted.
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